“Dangerously Corrupt Fossil Fuel Errand Boy” Scott Pruitt Announces CPP Repeal – Greenpeace

October 9, 2017

In response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement that they will attempt to repeal the Clean Power Plan, Greenpeace Climate Director Kelly Mitchell said:

“Scott Pruitt is a dangerously corrupt fossil fuel errand boy whose legacy as head of the Environmental Protection Agency will be catastrophic environmental destruction. This announcement is the latest and possibly worst example of his willingness to do industry bidding at the expense of the American people. As Oklahoma Attorney General, Pruitt actively collaborated with corporations to undermine basic environmental and health protections, and it’s no surprise we’re getting more of the same. Now, Pruitt is trying to gut the EPA’s Supreme Court-confirmed power to regulate dangerous climate pollution so these same companies can avoid accountability for fueling climate chaos. Fortunately, utilities, cities, Fortune 500 companies, and people around the world are all moving towards renewable energy despite Scott Pruitt’s cynical attempt to delay the inevitable. We’ll have to work harder to stop the worst effects of climate change because of Scott Pruitt, but people for clean power will ultimately win over these desperate ploys.”

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