Greenpeace Calls on President Obama to Take Immediate Action for Standing Rock Water Protectors

by Perry Wheeler

November 3, 2016

Washington, DC - Yesterday over 100 Indigenous people, allies, and journalists were hurt on sacred Native land during a peaceful prayer action. Journalists and water protectors were shot with rubber bullets and maced repeatedly by police who were occupying a Native burial ground. The water protectors who were attacked were peaceful and non-provocative toward the police who have continued to force Native communities off their own land.

Sacred Stone Camp released this blog post recapping the violence, including statements from individuals on the ground.

In response to yesterday’s events, Greenpeace spokesperson Lilian Molina said:

“Militarized police continue to abuse their power in the face of peaceful prayer at Standing Rock. The response we have seen from law enforcement to non-provocative water protectors exhibits the very worst of our country. For far too long, our government has unjustly restricted Indigenous communities’ rights and ability to access their own land, repeatedly ignoring Native sovereignty. That is exactly what we are seeing now at Standing Rock — a $10 million militarized police presence restricting Native people to the small geographical location it deems appropriate. And all in the name of protecting corporate profits.

“President Obama must step in immediately. We don’t have weeks to let this play out while Native lives are under attack and sacred land and water supply is at stake. We already know well that this and all other pipelines pose immediate threats to our land, water, and climate. There have been 220 significant pipeline spills this year alone. The Administration should revoke all permits and halt construction of this pipeline, send in Justice Department observers to prevent violence against water protectors, and order North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple to remove the National Guard from the camps. Our government needs to stop behaving as if it is waging a war against the Indigenous People of America.”


Contact: Perry Wheeler, Greenpeace Media Officer, P: 301-675-8766

Perry Wheeler

By Perry Wheeler

Perry Wheeler is a senior communications specialist at Greenpeace USA.

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