Greenpeace Responds to Cargill’s South American Soy Action Plan

June 13, 2019

Cargill’s New ‘Action Plan’ Shows that Soya Industry is not Ready to Reform


Manaus, Brazil, June 13, 2019 – In response to Cargill’s South American Soy Action Plan, Romulo Batista, Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Brazil, said:

“Cargill committed years ago to stop deforestation for soya and other commodities by 2020. With just 200 days to the deadline, Cargill has announced to the world that it won’t meet this goal. In place of serious efforts to address its failure, Cargill has published an ‘action plan’ that has neither actions nor any semblance of a plan. It would be laughable if the situation weren’t so deadly serious.

“In 2006, Cargill helped set up the Soya Moratorium to protect the Amazon. The company could have shown the same vision and leadership elsewhere. Instead, Cargill has continued trading with soya farmers that are clearing the world’s most biodiverse savannah, the Cerrado, and South America’s second largest forest, the Gran Chaco. Now it faces a stark choice: transform its business to prevent the climate and wildlife emergency or start winding down.

“We’re in the midst of a climate and wildlife emergency, and soya is the second largest driver of deforestation worldwide. With 90% of soya used for animal feed, companies must start replacing the meat and dairy in their products with healthy and affordable plant-based foods.”



Greenpeace International launched new analysis this week of more than 50 companies, including Cargill, that have made commitments to reduce deforestation in their supply chains by 2020.


Reykia Fick, Global Communications Lead – Forests, Greenpeace Canada, Ottawa +1-819-918-0470 (EDT), [email protected]

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