Greenpeace: Trump’s Rollback of the Clean Power Plan Could Cost Lives

by Cassady Craighill

August 21, 2018

Trump is poised to undo one of President Obama's signature climate achievements

A loaded BNSF coal train sits on the tracks in downtown Gillette.

© Greenpeace / Tim Aubry

August 21, 2018

Washington, DC – In anticipation of  Trump’s expected announcement today from West Virginia detailing plans to roll back President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Greenpeace USA Climate & Energy Campaign Director Janet Redman said,

“Trump’s spiteful move to undo one of President Obama’s signature achievements is shamelessly political. It’s a poorly veiled attempt to secure a few votes with a backward-looking policy that could end up costing American lives. The Clean Power Plan put the United States on the path towards cleaner air, safer jobs, and a liveable climate. Trump’s allegiance is clear – he’s willing to pollute our air and undermine families’ health to play the hero for a few coal industry executives. The administration’s attempts to resuscitate the coal industry will lead to even more destructive climate catastrophes, air pollution illnesses and fatalities, and U.S. workers left out of the renewable energy future.”


Cassady Craighill, [email protected], 828-817-3328

Cassady Craighill

By Cassady Craighill

Cassady is a media officer for Greenpeace USA based on the East Coast. She covers climate change and energy, particularly how both issues relate to the Trump administration.

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