Greenpeace USA Calls Out Jamie Dimon’s Risky Oil Addiction at New York Investor Conference

by Rodrigo Estrada

June 1, 2018

Greenpeace USA activists visited the 32nd Annual Strategic Decisions Conference this morning to demand Chase stops financing high-risk oil pipelines as Jamie Dimon addressed the investor community in New York. Greenpeace offered free Wi-Fi to attendees, who received a survey prompt with the question: “Which financial institution has no prohibitions for funding dirty oil projects?”  — The answer being Chase.

The activists placed napkins in the refreshment tables with the message: “This napkin won’t clean up an oil pipeline spill” encircled by Chase’s logo. Conference attendees also heard recordings that said: “What about risky oil pipelines, Jamie Dimon?” and “Jamie Dimon, please come to the front desk regarding Chase’s oil pipeline problem” from an undisclosed location. These materials are reminders to attendees of the significant opposition that continues to grow against oil and gas pipelines across North America.

Outside of the conference grounds, Greenpeace USA spokesperson Molly Dorozenski said:

“We are here to ask Jamie Dimon to end Chase’s involvement with toxic oil pipelines for good. Tar sands pipelines companies and Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, are desperate to secure investment from Chase and others as their new projects face more obstacles and delays. Just this week, Kinder Morgan abandoned the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in Canada — a move that signaled this project is too risky for the private sector. Precarious oil projects continue to face growing opposition from communities across the continent and do not amount to strategic investment decisions for Chase or any other bank. And yet, Chase continues to double down on lending to pipeline companies, including acting as a lead agent arranging finance for companies like Enbridge which is building the Line 3 project. The wave of opposition to these projects is growing everywhere, Chase and other banks have a responsibility to their investors and the communities of this country to stay away from risky oil pipelines.”


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Rodrigo Estrada, [email protected], 202-344-9292

Rodrigo Estrada

By Rodrigo Estrada

Rodrigo Estrada is an expert on legal communication. He is the global communications manager of the climate justice and liability project. Currently at Greenpeace Canada, Rodrigo has appeared in a wide range of international outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg, Vice, and many more.

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