UPDATE: Biden’s New Climate Plan Improves His Greenpeace Grade From ‘D-’ to ‘B’


June 4, 2019

UPDATE June 4, 2019, 9:40pm ET: After reviewing Elizabeth Warren’s green manufacturing plan, she remains at a ‘B’ but gains enough points to move into a fourth-place tie with Kirsten Gillibrand. Full ranking and methodology here

Five days after receiving a ‘D-’ in Greenpeace’s 2020 candidate climate ranking, Joe Biden released a comprehensive climate plan today. His commitments to investing in renewable energy and achieving net zero emissions by 2050 helped him achieve a new grade of “B,” moving him into seventh place ahead of Beto O’Rourke and behind Tulsi Gabbard.

Following movement from Kamala Harris and Cory Booker (who both signed the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge) and Tulsi Gabbard (who endorsed the Green New Deal) this week, the top ten in Greenpeace’s ranking now stands at:

  1. Jay Inslee – A-
  2. Cory Booker – B+
  3. Bernie Sanders – B+
  4. Kirsten Gillibrand – B
  5. Elizabeth Warren – B [1]
  6. Tulsi Gabbard – B
  7. Joe Biden – B
  8. Beto O’Rourke – B-
  9. Marianne Williamson – C
  10. Kamala Harris – C

Greenpeace will update the 2020 climate scorecard on a weekly basis unless candidates announce major plans, which we will evaluate as soon as possible. A detailed breakdown by candidate is available here, and the scoring methodology is available here.


[1] We are still reviewing Elizabeth Warren’s newly announced green manufacturing plan and will update her score and ranking accordingly.

To maintain independence, Greenpeace USA does not endorse or oppose any political party, candidate, or elected official. We work to hold all candidates for office to the standard that science says is necessary to avert climate crisis, which means supporting a Green New Deal and ending fossil fuels.


Ryan Schleeter, Senior Communications Specialist, Greenpeace USA: +1 (415) 342-2386, [email protected]


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