PHOTOS: Giant Chalk Mural Tells President Obama ‘No More Secret Money!’

by Rachel Rye Butler

October 29, 2015

President Obama has spoken about the need to get corporate money out of politics, but hasn't taken action. That needs to change.

On October 22, 2015, Greenpeace delivered a massive 3D chalk mural to President Obama’s doorstep urging him to close the secret money loopholes corrupting our democracy.

We spent two days on the streets with artists from Chalk Riot to create the mural, which exposes the pipeline of secret money flowing from big money donors and corporations into our government.

See photos of the making of the mural below and on Instagram:

Greenpeace and our allies have been putting pressure on President Obama for months, with more than 700,000 people from across the country asking the president to act. But we still need YOUR voice!

Support this important call. Tell the president to stop the pipeline of secret money flowing into Washington.

Rachel Rye Butler

By Rachel Rye Butler

Rachel Rye Butler is a campaigner at Greenpeace USA

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