by Diek

July 7, 2007

It is a strange experience to sail along the coast so close and make visit to the local communities. As I am more used on longer trips at sea or sailing with passengers.

Each day I prepare a ‘voyage plan’. That’s my job on board. Together with the pilot we set a course and talk about dangers we can encounter along the way, navigational wise. Than I set way points  in the charts and program the  computer and GPS. Because the traveling time is split up in  different watches, every mate knows exactly  what course to steer. The captain is also in the wheelhouse during narrow passages, just to make sure.

There has been some new crew on board and it really mixed well. Because we sail with all kind of nationalities and experience and background, the Espi is a real melting pot. And I love it. 

O, I’ve got to go to work… 


By Diek

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