Campus Campaigns

Page - September 18, 2009
Campuses across the nation are taking part in these campaigns to make their community and the world a greener place.

Supporting local campaigns fighting dirty energy

In Fall 2009, the Greenpeace Student Network launched its Quit Coal campaign to shut down the dirtiest on-campus coal plants across the country. We’ve worked with students at Michigan State, Iowa State, Penn State, University of Richmond, Virginia Tech, and Indiana University to shut down their dirty, dangerous coal plants. Students have done incredible work, from marching into their president’s offices, to bringing experts onto campus to discuss clean energy technologies with administration officials, Tim DeChristopher visiting Michigan State University - twice! - and doing banner drops and sit-ins to protest dirty energy.

In Fall 2012, we launched a new effort to support local student campaigns fighting dirty energy. Whether you have a coal or natural gas plant on campus, are working to transition your campus to 100% clean energy, fighting fracking, asking your university to divest from dirty energy - we want to help you! Greenpeace Student Network organizers work with campuses to launch their campaigns, recruit members, hold events, and pressure the administrations to create ground-breaking change for clean energy.

In Fall 2012 alone, we supported students launching clean energy campaigns at Bowling Green State, Kennesaw State, UC Santa Barbara, University of Michigan, University of Vermont, Arizona State, Cal Poly, University of New Hampshire, NC State University, City College of NY, and Bowdoin College.

Operation Tiger

From Fall 2011 - Spring 2012 students pushed campus administrators and student governments to enact sustainable paper purchasing policies on campus.  Students wanted to ensure their paper products on campus wouldn’t be bought from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), Indonesia’s notorious deforestation criminal. Students pushed for both high recycled content standards and Forest Stewardship Council standards to be added to campus purchasing policies. Students at campuses like Louisiana State University, Bowling Green State University, North Carolina State University, Arizona State University, City College of New York, Sacramento State University, and the University of Pittsburgh,  raised awareness by passing student government resolutions, meeting with administrators, holding Clear Cut Hair Cut events, and gathering thousands of petitions. In the end, several schools revised their purchasing policies to include stronger standards, and some campuses took the commitment to new levels agreeing to only source 100% post consumer recycled paper.  

Operation Duke

In Fall 2012, students turned their attention towards America's largest energy utility: Duke Energy. Duke Energy has merged with Progress Energy resulting in campuses, students, and rate payers in states like Indiana, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina paying more and more money for a dirty energy pathway. The Greenpeace Student Network in key areas has begun to help build pressure to push Duke Energy onto a clean energy pathway. Greenpeace wants Duke Energy to refrain from renewing a single new contract for mountaintop removal coal, deliver at least a third of Duke's energy from renewable sources by 2020, and quit coal by 2030.

North Carolina students have led the charge, coming together twice to talk strategy, while also showing up at events to confront Jim Rogers, Duke Energy's ex-CEO, asking for clean renewable energy from Duke Energy. In September 2012, the entire Greenpeace Student Network came together for a week of action, driving in hundreds of phone calls to Duke Energy asking the company to cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate bill mill that brings state lawmakers to the table with lobbyists and lawyers from large companies and front groups in order to write model state laws that negatively impact the environment. This is only the beginning, as Duke Energy grows and asks for more money to fuel a dirty energy future, the momentum to push them towards a clean energy pathway grows even stronger.

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