What We Need Now: A Whole New Season

by Geniro Dingle

March 1, 2024

Dive into the latest episode of the What We Need Now podcast, where hosts Tanya Brooks, Geniro Dingle, Jeffrey Harris, and Rico Sisney reflect on Greenpeace USA’s achievements in 2023 and share their aspirations for the upcoming year.

In this season opener, which also features a brief cameo by Greenpeace USA’s Chief Program Officer Tefere Gebre, our hosts provide an overview of the significant milestones achieved by Greenpeace, its allies, and the broader movement throughout the past year. From pivotal legal victories to groundbreaking international treaties, they offer insightful commentary on the organization’s contributions to the environmental justice movement and their personal views of What We Need Now to achieve Black Liberation.

Host Bios

Tanya Brooks

“One of the key things that we need– not to be cliche is that we need Unity, you know in very simple terms. We really need to figure out how as a people we can come together across the globe, across the country, across communities to support each other. I really believe in the power of intersectionality.” – Tanya Brooks


Tanya Brooks is the Senior Strategic Communications Specialist for Greenpeace USA’s Oceans Campaigns. Her primary role is to develop compelling stories that increase awareness about ocean conservation. Tanya has an MA in strategic communication management from Concordia University and an MA in international trade and policy from George Mason University. She lives with her husband and three children on Manahoac Land, presently known as Fairfax, Virginia. Tanya spends her free time dancing Salsa and Bachata, gardening, and binge-watching Korean dramas.

Geniro Dingle

“What we need now is deeper connection to organization and community…liberation is not going to be an individual effort. One of the things I’m challenging myself [to do] is to get deeper connected to Black organizations that align with my personal politics and beliefs, including what we need to do to secure a vibrant life here on this planet. And I think that’s what we all need as Black folks is connection to organizations that are going to do what’s necessary– organize resources, organize people. That’s how we get to liberation..” – Geniro Dingle


Geniro Dingle is Director for Justice & Equity at Greenpeace USA. In this role, he leads the effort to embed justice and equity in Greenpeace and ensure alignment across all organizational strategy and impact aspects. Geniro is a Graduate of Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy earning a Master of Policy Management degree. He lives with his wife and son on Piscataway land now known as Southern Maryland. In his free time, Geniro enjoys exploring the world with his family.


Rico Sisney

“We’ve survived so much as a collective, as a people and…when we’re facing challenges of today, it’s so important to know that–these leaders that we look to did not work in isolation…they worked with large groups of people. They were in collaboration. They were in community with others.” – Rico Sisney


Rico Sisney(he/him) is a father and husband living in Oakland, California on Ohlone land. He serves as the National Warehouse Program Manager for Greenpeace and works on the Action Team. Through the range of responsibilities of his role, Rico is often reminded of the wide array of talents and skill sets that exist in his family that have been unrecognized, unpaid or undervalued, like those of so many other Black people in this country. Like his mother, he coordinates events. Like his father, he uses his voice to make an impact. He works with machines and vehicles like his Grandfather and he recruits volunteers like his Grandmother, the greatest organizer he knows. Like so many others in his family, Rico teaches, trains and uses stories to communicate. Outside of Greenpeace, he is a recording artist and performer.

Jeffrey Harris

“Increase access to information, education, local funds. All that in some of manner is not equal or fair in many areas of this country. So we’re not all considered equal until the playing field is and there’s many ways to go about that.” – Jeffrey Harris


Jeffrey is the Digital Platform Manager on Greenpeace USA’s Digital team. In this role he is dedicated to fostering user engagement and driving fundraising initiatives that craft compelling online experiences for visitors. Jeffrey has a BA in Media Arts & Interactive Design from James Madison University and lives in Powhatan Land, presently known as Richmond, Virginia. When not behind the screen Jeffrey spends his free time attending concerts, playing volleyball and watching the best of anime & reality tv.

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Geniro Dingle

By Geniro Dingle

Director for Justice & Equity

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