Mobilization and Training Internship (DC or SF)

Washington, DC

Page - November 27, 2012
Washington, DC or San Francisco, CA

The Greenpeace Semester inspires, empowers and trains young people become leaders in the environmental movement.  The Greenpeace Semester is a five- or twelve-week training in Washington, DC that consists of workshops, projects, and staff mentorship in grassroots organizing, actions, media and campaign strategy.  During the semester and summer terms, participants travel to get real working experience supporting Greenpeace work in other communities, and in the spring and fall terms, participants travel for the capstone Expedition.  We boast over 400 alumni who are making a difference in Greenpeace, other organizations, and in their communities.

Frontline Campaigns: The Frontline Campaign Program trains, manages and motivates the Greenpeace street fundraising teams all over the country to get further involved in our campaigns. The work involves weekly meetings, events, ongoing pressure tactics, online organizing through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the occasional action, and a street tactic that every person who stops and talks to one of our fundraisers can take part in. Because these teams talk to so many people, the Frontline Campaigns Program can generate a huge amount of sustained grassroots pressure.

Summary of Internship:

This position supports the work of two programs responsible for training and mobilizing activists - the Frontline Campaigns program and the Greenpeace Semester.

Schedule and Requested Lenght of Intenrship:

30- 40 hours per week consisting of 10 hours with Frontline Campaigns and 20-30 with Greenpeace Semester.  Semester and year long internships available.


Greenpeace Semester Responsibilities:

  • Support and participate in workshops and trainings
  • Utilize social media to enhance recruitment and program recognition
  • Update outreach documents
  • Participate in communicating with colleges, professors, and organizations to increase program visibility and recruitment
  • Support the Semester Program with travel logistics as needed 
  • Assist in distribution of flyers at local colleges

Frontline Campaigns Responsibilities:

  •  Tracking campaign output and volunteer participation on a weekly basis
  • Supplying campaign offices with the materials they need to execute events and actions
  • Assist with online organizing through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Participate in basic research for campaign planning and toolkit construction
  • Support training back-up and organizing


  •  Passion for making a positive impact in your local and global community
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse populations
  • Professional demeanor
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint programs 
  • Well organized with attention to detail and ability to carry out tasks independently
  • Ability to meet deadlines

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