The Victims

Page - April 20, 2006
While for many people the Chernobyl disaster might be just a distant memory, for others it is something they must live with every day. These are their stories.

"Real hell didn't start until Moscow. My friends were dying around me. I had worked for years with many of them."

Yuri Korneev - a "liquidator"

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"My shift ended at 8:00 a.m. and I went home. Then I saw that the reactor block had exploded. Except for those who were informed by friends or relatives on duty at the plant, nobody in the workers' town of Pripiyat had been warned."

Anatoly Ivanchenko - a fireman

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"My aunt died and we wanted to bury her in native soil." At the checkpoint they were stopped and sent away. "We had to bury her in another village."

Mr. and Mrs. Smeyan - farmers

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"Before that, we hardly had any oncology problems concerning children. Now there are many cases of brain tumours, cancer of the eyes, kidneys and other organs."

Valentina Smolnikova - a doctor

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"Last autumn Annya's hair fell out. I think boys understand her better. Girlfriends have stopped visiting, deliberately or out of cruel forgetfulness."

Valentina Pesenko - a mother

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