Greenpeace Expedition

Spring and Fall

Page - May 3, 2010
The Greenpeace Semester Expedition is an element of the spring and fall programs only. The Expedition is a capstone trip where classes take part in an activity that defines Greenpeace: bearing witness to environmental devastation.

During your Expedition, your class will get the opportunity to witness a pressing environmental issue, work with local communities to support their campaigns, and practice advanced leadership and organizing skills learned in the Greenpeace Semester. The Expedition serves as an eye-opening experience that students would not otherwise have, meeting community members and activists working on some of the most pressing environmental issues we face. Tuition for the Greenpeace Semester includes all of the costs during the Expedition (travel, food, and housing during the time the class is traveling).

Students have gone to Alberta, Canada to bear witness to the destructive tar sands. Greenpeace staff in Canada gave students a tour of the extraction area and after seeing first-hand the destruction of the world’s dirtiest oil, the class organized creative actions in nearby Canadian cities. Many students who went to Alberta have stayed active in the fight to stop tar sands oil, some participating in the Tar Sands Action in the summer of 2011 in Washington DC.

The summer 2010 class traveled to the Gulf Coast to bear witness to the effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Our students also got a chance to go to the beaches to see the oil in the water and on the shores for themselves, and were given the resources to design and execute a creative public event in support of a ban on offshore drilling inspired by their experiences.

The location and issue for the Expedition can vary from term to term, and you will not find out details about your Expedition until after your Semester starts.