Cool action today staged by my colleagues over at Greenpeace Italy.

As part of our efforts to get popular shoe brands Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Timberland, Clarks, and Geox to refuse to buy leather that comes from Amazon destruction, several activists demonstrated in front of a Geox store on one of the busiest pedestrian shopping streets in Milan. Not only did they stand outside the store wearing shirts and holding signs that said “Geox: Save the Climate, Let the Amazon Breathe,” but they also set up a huge Geox shoe that shot out smoke to give the impression that it was burning the Amazon, simulated by tree props underneath the shoe.

Check it out:

Greenpeace activists outside a Geox store in Milan

Greenpeace activists outside a Geox store in Milan

Perhaps the coolest thing about the action was the participation of passersby, many of whom posed for pictures with a message for Geox:

Passersby stop to send a message to Geox

A passerby stops to send a message to Geox

More photos in GPItaly’s Flickr.

Want to send a message yourself? Take action now and tell top shoe brands to protect the Amazon and the climate.