Greenpeace activists, who earlier in the day scaled the 450 foot smokestack at Chicago’s Fisk coal plant, have now finished painting a massive "Quit Coal" message on the stack.

The coal stack at Fisk, along with the rest of the coal fired power plants in the US, kill between 13,000 and 34,000 people a year--as many as one person every 15 minutes. According to a report from the Clean Air Task Force, residents living near coal-fired power plants run a higher risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illness.

Here's a great photo of Greenpeace's "Quit Coal" message:


You can join in the action and send a message to the CEO of Edison International, the company that runs Fisk, to shut down the coal plant.

And here's a couple taken earlier in the day [the full collection of images from the Fisk Coal plant are here]: