Giving Thanks

Feature story - November 25, 2009
Thanksgiving. It's the one time a year that we take a minute to pause and remember all we're thankful for.

We're so used to being deep in the trenches fighting global warming, whaling in the Southern Ocean and toxic substances that we're truly grateful for Thanksgiving. It gives us the chance to sit back and reflect on the reason we fight so hard to save the environment and the beautiful planet we live on.

We're thankful for the many victories we've won this year- Kimberly Clark agreeing to save ancient forests, the House of Representatives approving Chemical Security legislation, the Amazon catching a break from cattle and leather industry giants, and Clorox Company announcing plans to convert all of its U.S. factories that use chlorine gas to safer chemical processes.

And we're thankful for Greenpeace's amazing supporters, like you. You have made these victories possible. Thank YOU.

This Thanksgiving, as we sit down with family and friends we'll raise our glasses to YOU. Thank you for your continued support, activism and courage.