Stop Dirty Politics, Save Offshore Wind

Feature story - April 24, 2006
We’ve seen the political influence of big oil before, and even drawn a connection between financial contributions and congressional voting records – before anyone had heard of Jack Abramoff. But this takes the cake.

Congress likes to talk about cleaning up their act in the wake of lobbying scandals, but if you look behind the closed-door attack on America's first offshore wind farm, it's business as usual.

While you're paying more than $3.00 a gallon at the gas pump, Congress is killing big oil's competition, and only YOU can help us fight back.

Even President Bush has admitted that our nation is addicted to oil, and we need alternative energy. If Congress accepts this backdoor deal between Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts and Senator Stevens of Alaska, it will be the end of Cape Wind and a serious blow to future offshore wind projects.

Call 1-866-200-7070 Now and we'll connect you instantly to your senators' offices, and provide you with exactly what you'll need to say to convince them to save the Cape Wind project.

The Senate will vote on the future of offshore wind energy this week, so your senators need to hear from you TODAY.

Please, less than 5 minutes of your time could make a real difference in the future of renewable energy in our country, so Take Action Now.

The Dirty Details:

On April 6, a closed-door congressional conference committee signed off on an amendment to a bill that would grant veto power over the Cape Wind offshore project to the governor of Massachusetts. Governor Mitt Romney is an outspoken opponent of the project and if Congress accepts the bill, it will no doubt be the end of Cape Wind.

Call 1-866-200-7070: Tell your Senators to take a stand against special-interest politics and support America's first offshore wind farm.

Take Action

Contact your Senators TODAY before it is too late, and urge them to Save Cape Wind.