Urging the Oil and Auto Industries to Support the Kyoto Protocol

We are targeting Fortune 100 companies including Ford Motor Company and the top 5 U.S. Big Oil companies

Feature story - April 5, 2001
Over 10,000 activists world wide have written to the Ford Motor Company asking the company to publically support the Kyoto Treaty.

We have launched an international campaign urging oil and auto companies to stop backing the Bush agenda to smother the Kyoto Treaty on global warming.

In order to determine where each company stands on the Kyoto Protocol, we sent letters to the CEOs of the Fortune 100 companies on April 5th. To date we have received over 30 responses. A few say: "we take no position on the Kyoto Treaty", but many follow ExxonMobil's lead, which hypocritically states: "climate change is a long-term risk that we ... take seriously", but then goes on to attack the Kyoto Treaty. Take a look at where all of the companies stand.

Oil Companies' Back Door Campaign Against Kyoto

Many companies claim not to have a position on the Kyoto Treaty, but at the same time are members of industry lobby groups (such as the U.S. Council for International Business - USCIB) who are actively promoting and shaping the Bush Administration's anti-Kyoto policy.

Greenpeace offices worldwide are focusing on the top 5 U.S. Big Oil companies that helped to put Bush in power and the main drivers of Bush's anti-climate policy - Exxon/Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Conoco and Phillips. The oil and gas sector spent over $32 million in corporate donations of which 78 percent went to help get George W. Bush and the Republicans elected. Get detailed information on corporate donations from www.opensecrets.org.

Ford's Greenwashing

Among the most hypocritical of the responses we've seen is the one from the Ford Motor Company. Ford argues against the Treaty while at the same time running ads in USA Today and the New York Times full of environmental platitudes.