Rock n' Rolling Sunlight Summer Tour

Page - June 19, 2009
This summer we're not just taking action — we're going to be dancing to some great music too! Greenpeace's solar truck, the Rolling Sunlight, and its crew will be spending the summer traveling to music festivals across the US and Canada. Starting on June 26th they will be joining the Warped Tour on all of its stops. Check out the tour schedule and see if we'll be traveling to your city or town.

Greenpeace image: Rolling Sunlight in Seattle

The Rolling Sunlight is currently on its way to California after a fun and successful stop at its first festival destination, Bonnaroo. Although the rain and dust at Bonnaroo might have made for imperfect weather, three Greenpeace student activists had an awesome time volunteering and meeting a ton of other amazing students.

While the Rolling Sunlight crew members were chatting with young people at Bonnaroo about the importance of demanding leadership from President Obama at the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December, the Rolling Sunlight was busy powering the Solar Stage. Now Greenpeace's solar truck will be harnessing the sun to provide electricity for the Warped Tour and other festivals throughout the summer. If you're going to be at the Warped Tour, look for the Rolling Sunlight and our crew to find out how you can get involved with Greenpeace. Plus, you can enter our contest to win cool prizes!

We are excited to get to spend a whole summer talking to enthusiastic festival goers about important environmental issues while enjoying great music at the same time.

Going to a music festival this summer? Want to volunteer with Greenpeace? Let us know! Send us an email at with the festival details.