Tokyo, Japan – It has been reported that the Japanese government intends to shut about 100 inefficient coal-fired power plants out of the existing 140 plants by 2030(1). In response to this, Greenpeace Japan has released the following statement.

Hanna Hakko, Greenpeace Japan’s Senior Energy Campaigner

“This indication by the government marks a significant turning point in the discussion around climate and energy in Japan. We welcome the Japanese government’s intention to change existing policy and to reduce the levels of CO2-intensive coal-fired power generation. This change has long been sought after by investors, forward-thinking businesses, and young people requesting a response to the climate crisis. We look forward to the details of this updated policy, and the continued reduction of coal-fired power generation in Japan. 

However, this article also indicates that numerous facilities will still remain operational, as well as the continued planning and construction of new coal-fired power plants. These plans must be brought to a halt and canceled as soon as possible. 

Additionally, we are deeply concerned that the government has also indicated that coal energy could potentially be replaced with the same nuclear energy that we already know is extremely dangerous. From an environmental, social, and economic standpoint, we ask the government to prioritise renewable energy technology and energy efficiency instead.”