Help us Elevate Meaningful Youth Engagement for Climate Action

In just a few weeks, 6 young climate champions from the MENA region will come together at COP28 with an urgent mission: They want to make transformative decisions that will shape their lives and the future of the planet.

They stand resolute and determined, and your support is the amplifier that ignites a global transformation. Join the efforts in empowering these young 6 champions to join COP28, supporting their journey of change, turning ideas into real solutions, advocating for a brighter future

COP28 in the UAE
The journey of change continues

Last year, young MENA climate champions supported by people like you, attended COP27 in Egypt as catalysts of change. They sparked vital discussions, followed the negotiations, and actively campaigned for a greener future for themselves and their communities.  

This year, as the United Nations Climate Change Conference returns to the UAE, it’s now more crucial than ever to empower the young climate champions from Morocco🇲🇦, Tunisia🇹🇳, Jordan🇯🇴, Lebanon🇱🇧, Iraq🇮🇶, and beyond.

In a region where the climate crisis has reached critical levels and the region faces the dire consequences of extreme weather events, there is an urgent need for our MENA youth to be represented on the global stage.

Your Donation Makes Hope a Reality

Your contribution will allow the 6 MENA climate champions to raise their voices, expand their capabilities, forge meaningful connections, share their narratives, and gain valuable insights from fellow youth advocates across the globe. Your support will:


Fund the journeys of 6 climate champions from their home regions to the UAE.


Fully cover their expenses for the 12-day duration of their participation at COP28.


Facilitate their engagement with international climate leaders, aiding in strategy development.


Support their initiatives and actions during COP28.


Amplify their voices and participation in the global climate dialogue.

Donation Impact

Each investment made in the MENA youth is nurturing a sustainable and transformative future, not only for these individuals but also for their communities.