Celebrating 50 Years of Greenpeace!

Plastic Pollution is Creating a Health and Environmental Crisis

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic pollution escapes into the world’s oceans, and the United States alone burns or buries 32 million tons of plastic in landfills. Nearly every piece of plastic begins as a fossil fuel and greenhouse gases are emitted at nearly every stage of the plastic lifecycle. John Hocevar, our Oceans Campaigns Director, explains the impact of plastic pollution in the Anacostia River, near his home in Washington, D.C., and how recycling is a false solution to combating the plastic crisis.


Compassion and Justice—Together

Greenpeace has been guided by hope, supported by millions of Rainbow Warriors around the world, and inspired by the belief that there are no limits to the good we can do when we work together.

We’ve been charting a course to the brighter future, where we treat one another with respect and dignity. Where we celebrate compassion and justice in the same way we’ve been taught to celebrate strength. We’re not just responsible for ourselves—but for each other.

Stop the War on Black Lives

We need to dismantle the systems that exploit people and planet, and a core part of that is the fight for justice every single day.

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