Climate Justice Camp

The Climate Justice Camp is a unique annual event that brings together hundreds of youth from across the Global South to build power in their journey towards climate justice!

How did the idea come to be?

The global pandemic heightened many inequalities across industries, sectors, and even movements. The global climate justice movement was not exempted from this imbalance as environmental change-makers from the Global South increasingly lacked access to adequate resources to mobilize, strategize, and collaborate for the protection of the planet. 

This is how the Climate Justice Camp came to be — mainly as an opportunity for climate heroes from the Global South to acquire all the necessary resources to intersect their efforts and anchor them in their respective communities.

Your donation makes hope a reality

By donating to the Climate Justice Camp, you allow hundreds of youths from Egypt 🇪🇬, Morocco 🇲🇦, Tunisia 🇹🇳, Jordan 🇯🇴,  and other countries from the Middle East and North Africa 🌍 and across the Global South to attend and make a difference in the pursuit of climate justice. Every donation will go directly to cover the expenses needed to make this incredible convention happen:

Your donation is a seed planted.