As temperatures keep rising to historic highs due to climate change, wildfires are becoming more frequent and severe in almost every region of the world. Therefore, it is necessary to spread awareness on how to prevent and deal with them. It is common knowledge that the culprit is climate change, so let us be prepared!

The MENA region has not been spared from the wildfires that have raged across the globe. In the past few years, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, and other countries in the region have witnessed successive waves of devastating fires with a tremendous impact on people, their livelihoods, homes, property, and the ecosystem in general.

Today, the causes and consequences of climate change are clearer than ever. Fossil fuels are killing us. Forest fires, floods, and extreme heat waves will become more frequent and more severe unless swift action is taken to gradually eliminate all forms of fossil fuels and transition to self-sufficiency in renewable energy.

Yet at the same time, as extreme weather events intensify, especially in the summer, we must be better equipped to deal with annual wildfires and adapt to climate change in general. With a few simple steps and preventive measures, we can prevent and respond to disasters. Let’s explore them together!