Join a community of forward-thinkers, visionaries and futurists who are working collectively to plant the seeds for a better future for our region, together we will rewrite and reshape the pathways of a just, healthy and sustainable future for our region. Join a movement calling for a region where communities thrive, the planet flourishes with creative innovative solutions to fight climate change. To reach new places, we need to explore new paths. Only in this way will we achieve different realities, alternative futures shaped by equitable, collaborative societies committed to the environment. Can you imagine a place where growth is linked to life and justice rather than profit and the economy? Can you imagine a place where human beings are the center of our growth and development? In a world Facing economic uncertainties, climate disasters, and social challenges, it’s time to unveil the daily struggles our communities endure and champion alternatives for a future that is more resilient, sustainable, and equitable for everyone. It’s time to navigate toward a future that transcends the constraints of GDP-driven economies and profit-centric ideologies, prioritizing well-being, health, and the environment above all else. Join us now and be part of this exciting journey. One day, you will proudly say, “I was among the pioneering founders of this visionary movement.”