The urgency of taking action against the climate crisis cannot be overstated.

The urgency of taking action against the climate crisis cannot be overstated. It threatens the very existence of our planet and calls for immediate attention.

By donating to Greenpeace MENA, individuals can actively contribute to safeguarding the environment for future generations. In this article, we will explore the reasons why donating to Greenpeace can make a significant impact on protecting the climate in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Local Impact

Supporting regional climate-focused organizations, such as Greenpeace MENA, ensures that donations have a direct and tangible impact on local ecosystems. Greenpeace MENA possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise on the specific challenges facing the region. With our experience, we can implement targeted solutions and address the issues affecting the MENA region.

Grassroots Initiatives:

Greenpeace MENA believes in empowering local communities to take action against climate change. Our grassroots initiatives focus on education, awareness campaigns, and engaging communities to adopt eco-friendly practices. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among the local population, ultimately leading to more sustainable practices and a greater collective impact.

Climate Justice and Equality:

Unfortunately, developing and least-developed countries will bear a significant portion of the estimated cost of loss and damage, ranging from 290 to 580 billion USD per year by 2030

Low-income countries, people of colour, Indigenous people, people with disabilities face a disproportionate impact from climate disasters such as floods, wildfires, severe drought, soaring temperatures, rising sea levels, and limited access to food and water.

Independence and Transparency:

Greenpeace MENA operates with complete independence from government grants or corporate funding. This independence allows us to make unbiased decisions and prioritize the most pressing issues affecting the MENA region.

By donating, you can be confident that your contribution is used to make a real and lasting change in the world.

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