Our Ummah is amazing. YOU are amazing. We’re resilient. We’re smart. We’re in all corners of the world. With all of us working together, we can seriously save the earth.

You’ve seen our cities overflowing with rubbish, our forests burning, unemployment of youth, our cities flooding, endless conflict, and our healthcare collapsing.
It’s heartbreaking.

We know it’s our responsibility to do something about it. We were given the power and responsibility to maintain the balance that God put in place.  We have the potential to change our environment in such a dramatic way—for better or for worse. You choose “for better.” 

Ummah for Earth is an alliance-led initiative, with the goal to empower Muslim communities who are facing crises.

Our ummah together, for a better earth. Together, let’s protect the most vulnerable, to progress toward the good.