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We want to change the way we humans relate to nature and to each other. We’ll dismantle the broken systems and global power structures that have failed us.

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Oceans are home to half of life on this planet. They are natural carbon sinks that feed us and regulate global temperatures. Offshore drilling, industrial fishing, and plastic pollution are stripping our vast oceans off life.

Unchecked human activity has pushed ocean ecosystems to their limits. And no one knows how long they may be able to withstand it. We can save the oceans. Solutions exist and they are simple, now the choice is ours.


Plastic is choking our planet. But is a world without plastics imaginable? Single use plastic and disposable electronics are trashing our planet. We’ve all seen the devastating images of pristine beaches covered with plastic waste, of turtles and other marine life killed by ingesting bags, bottles, and other debris. Many of us have also read the frightening statistics about microplastics getting into the food we eat and the water we drink.

The good news is that together we can fix this. While minor lifestyle changes can help us reduce our individual plastic footprint, big corporations too need to take responsibility for their rubbish and the authorities need to put stringent rules to keep plastic pollution in check.


Our climate is sick but we have the power to heal it and ourselves, and create a greener, more equal world.
Extreme weather events, sea level rise and droughts are all symptoms of a global climate on the brink of breakdown.
We are at a crossroads
If we act now, as a global community, to keep temperature rise below catastrophic levels, we have a chance to re-stabilise our delicate climate.

We can, as citizens, consumers and countries, choose clean energy, forest protection and ecological farming to cut climate pollution.
Together we can heal the climate and in the process of working together build a safer, greener, fairer world.