Greenpeace is a network consisting of Greenpeace International and 27 national and regional Greenpeace organisations, which are all separate and independent entities.

The content on each subsection of is published and managed by the relevant entity. Pages whose address begins with, for example, are under the editorial control of Greenpeace International. For questions, comments or other feedback, please contact the responsible Greenpeace entity. You can generally see in the URL or at the top of each page which entity’s section you are on.

For the sake of convenience, this website and other publications sometimes refer simply to “Greenpeace” when talking about one or more organisations within the network. Similarly, the words “we”, “us” and “our” may also be used to refer to other entities in the Greenpeace network and their respective staff, activists and volunteers. NROs are sometimes referred to as “offices” (although a single NRO can have more than one physical office).