Climate Emergency

More and more reports have appeared in the media about Extreme Weather Events (EWEs) all over our continent. Food and water shortages are widespread, and multiple extreme weather events are destroying lives, homes and are leaving the vulnerable at risk. It is clear we are in a climate crisis. It is difficult to see the bigger picture when extreme weather is dispersed across the African continent. Here is our monitoring of the situation.

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JAN 2016

South Africa: Record Breaking Heat Wave

An extended heat wave grips South Africa, breaking many records for the region. The heat wave is followed by heavy rainfall and alerts of flooding. Read Article

MAR 2019

Cyclone Idai rips through Mozambique

One of the most devastating and severe tropical cylones destroys infrastructure and displaces hundreds of thousands of people. Read Article

APR 2019

Floods take more lives in KwaZulu-Natal

South African government steps in to help those affected by severe storms. Heavy rains have caused mudslides, taken down homes, flooded roads and left at least 32 injured, while claiming another 32 lives. Read Article

APR 2019

Mozambique: Cyclone Kenneth worse than Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Kenneth becomes strongest tropical storm on record to hit Mozambique. This is another cyclone strengthened by climate change. Read Article

OCT 2019

Zimbabwe: Over 50 elephants die from severe drought

About 55 elephants starve to death from food and water shortages following a serious drought. Animals straying from national parks in search of food and water have destroyed crops, while 22 people have been killed. Read Article

OCT 2019

Unexpected heavy floods in Gabon leaves specialists concerned

With no clear signs, Gabon has been ravaged by sudden and hard rainfall that cause floods, mudslides and soil erosion. Environmental experts wonder if this could be a consequence of climate change.Read Article

OCT 2019

Day zero looms for Johannesburg from heatwave

With very low rainfall and water wastage, dam levels drop to 60% in South Africa. The government is forced to announce water restrictions to save water supplies. Read Article

OCT 2019

Serious rainfall leave streets flooded in Tunisia

Photos and videos made the rounds on Facebook when Tunisia was covered in up to 95mm of rain. The cities came to a stand still as locals had to park their cars while others couldn’t leave their homes. Read Article

OCT 2019

Extreme drought leaves almost 2.3 million people without food

While large parts of Zambia has received their lowest rainfall in 38 years, other parts have been hit by harsh floods and waterlogging. This has resulted in poor harvests, causing food scarcity.Read Article

OCT 2019


Two weeks of rain leaves thousands displaced

Heavy floods have left 30 000 people homeless in the Central African Republic. Community members lose faith as help is slow to arrive. Read Article

NOV 2019


270 000 Somalians left displaced from flood

About 10 people have died after severe rainfall in Somalia left the country flooded. With another tropical storm underway, it’s predicted that a million more people will be affected. Read Article

NOV 2019


Humanitarian efforts disrupted by floods

High rainfall has caused heavy floods in South Sudan, affecting 900 000 and leaving 420 000 displaced. Unfortunately the floods have blocked road access to aid affected communities. Read Article

NOV 2019


KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to expect more extreme weather from climate change

Expert confirms that the storms and tornadoes happening in KwaZulu-Natal are exacerbated by climate change. The South African Weather Service will evaluate the extent of damage caused. Read Article

NOV 2019


Cars swept away by heavy floods in Kenya

Wild rains have flooded roads, buildings and fuel stations in the major cities in Kenya. Doctors have predicted an outbreak of waterborne diseases from contaminated water in blood prone areas. Read Article

NOV 2019


Heavy rains cause landslide in West Pokot, Kenya

Widespread torrential downpours in West Pokot have killed more than 30 people. Harsh weather conditions hinder rescue efforts and damage assessments of the landslide. Read Article

JAN 2020


Heavy rains in Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and now Madagascar

At least five Southern African countries have suffered severe droughts for months. Instead of a relief, rains in Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and now Madagascar have come as a disaster. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) warns that this can leave more than 2.3 million people severely food insecure

Read Article

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