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Our work seeks to connect Africa and the world. Greenpeace Africa challenges the practices that drive cultures of consumption, and the policies that tear down our forests, pollute our water and put our family’s’ health at risk. A better future is achievable. People are building a movement – together we can drive change.

Be part of the movement to fight environmental injustices, expanding from Africa to the world.

Action at Kusile Power Station in Africa. © Benedicte  Kurzen
Action at Mandela Bridge in South Africa. © Shayne Robinson



Keep Your Promise Mr. President, We Need 100% Green Energy This Year

June 2020

Kenya has been severely hit by unseasonable heavy rains and an unprecedented infestation of locusts, that is devastating agricultural production. Heavy floods that are hitting the country have resulted in…

The plastic tragedy demands an end to single-use plastic products

July 2019

The April floods in KwaZulu Natal caused the unnecessary loss of over 70 lives. It was a tragic moment for the province, and the country, as we mourned lost family…

South Africa’s uncertain energy future – lessons from Germany

April 2019

Germany is well known for its phase-out of nuclear energy that began as a response to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Now, the powerhouse of the European Union has finally…

Plastics Ban: A Step Towards Environmental Consciousness in East Africa

March 2019

By Fredrick Njehu, Greenpeace Africa’s Senior Political Advisor  Urban consumers in Nairobi have started warming up to the reality that single-use plastic is harmful to the environment and are taking…

Review of a Report Providing Health Impact Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of Eskom activities

March 2019

The objectives of this review are to assess the methods used in a report undertaken to inform a cost-benefit analysis of additional pollution controls carried out for the South African…

Water Hungry Coal: Burning South Africa’s water to produce electricity

March 2018

South Africa is a water scarce country facing an impending water crisis. According to the National Water Act (Act no. 36 of 1998) the government, as trustee of the nation’s…

The Great Water Grab

March 2016

Water is essential for all life on earth and plays a central role in human development: from sanitation and health, to food and energy production, to industrial activities and economic…

License to Kill?

February 2014

This paper provides an estimate of the health damages and economic costs that would be avoided if Eskom was made to fully comply with the national air emission standards –…

The True Cost of Coal

October 2011

Catastrophic climate change and uncontrollable debt are burdens South Africans will have to bear for their government’s addiction to coal. On top of the escalating construction costs for Kusile, the…

The True Cost of Nuclear Energy

August 2011

Our new report highlights once again that nuclear power is a dead-end: it would lock the country into an out-dated, expensive and deadly energy future.

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