Protest against Coal Plant Construction in Senegal. © Clément  Tardif

Change My Community

Big change starts with small steps. It starts with you keeping nature intact. It starts with you demanding change in your community.

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Plastic Waste on the Coast of Senegal. © Bente Stachowske

We are producing more and more throwaway plastic and increasing our dependency on them. It’s hazardous to our health and causing Africa to choke -…

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Protect The Environment

A healthy environment is essential to a green and peaceful world. Oceans, forests, rivers, wildlife – we work to protect nature in all its biodiversity.

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Our forests help stabilise the climate, and are home to a diversity of plants and animals. It is also a source of livelihood for people…

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Inspire The Movement

Millions of people standing up to power continue to inspire change we once thought impossible. Shifting power and minds is our common struggle.

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Africa is crying out for clean, locally produced and cost-effective energy solutions. Renewable energy, and especially solar, offers a real solution to these issues. It…

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Greenpeace has a mission for a green and peaceful world. Find out more about our organisation with the links below.

About us

We are an independent environmental campaigning organisation. We use non-violent, creative confrontation to expose environmental injustices globally, and to bring forth the solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future.

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History & Successes

Over the years, we have made numerous wins in campaigning for a sustainable and healthy environment. Learn more about our story and share in celebration on our victories.

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Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want to be part of a movement for a better, greener, more sustainable Africa? Join our volunteers and together we can create a better life for Africa’s people and its nature.

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We are an independent organisation and do not accept any fund from corporate or government. We rely on donations from people like you. Make a donation.

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