Member’s FAQs

Before writing to Greenpeace please check our list of frequently asked questions to see if your question is already answered.

Q1. How can I donate to Greenpeace?

Giving monthly by bank autopay is the best way to support Greenpeace because we can plan our campaigns in the knowledge of your regular support and can minimise our administration costs.

Credit card holders can make secure donations online. Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-exempted. 

All personal information collected is strictly confidential and is used only for sending annual receipts and for member communication purposes e.g. e-bulletins, invitations to gatherings and events, campaign updates, newsletters and annual report. If you do not want to receive our publications in future, please contact us.

For further enquiries, please call the membership hotline on +852 2854 8318 or email to [email protected]

Thank you for supporting Greenpeace!

Q2. Where does Greenpeace get its funding from and what is your current financial status?

To maintain absolute independence Greenpeace does not accept money from companies, governments or political parties. We’re serious about this and, as far as possible, screen donations and return them when they’re drawn on a corporate account. All of the funding for our work comes from individual donations and some private foundations. For details, please click here to read our annual report.

Q3. How does Greenpeace use your donation?

Greenpeace strives to be fully accountable and transparent. Each year we produce an Annual Report, including audited financial statements, to provide an overview of our work and financial management so that you can see how your money has been spent and what we have achieved as a result.

Q4. When will my donation be processed?

Donations made by credit card are processed instantly. A recurring monthly payment is set up and made around the 1st of every month.

For monthly donations made by direct debit, the first transactions are processed around the 1st or 28th of the first month. A recurring monthly payment is set up for following months and made around the 1st of every month.

If you use bank autopay, you may get a statement from the bank that includes instructions called ‘Maximum/collection amount per payment’ and ‘Expiry date’. This is an instruction for saving future administrative procedure when you wish to uplift your donation later. You may also adjust the limit at your will by communicating directly with your bank. Greenpeace will not make any changes in donation amount without your agreement, and we will also send you the donation receipt annually.

Q5. Can I put Greenpeace in my will?

Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever prepare. A will gives you the opportunity to decide where your assets go. If you exercise your right to prepare a will according to the law, your rights will be respected. Making a bequest to Greenpeace is a positive and effective way to help build a healthy, peaceful planet for future generations. If you would like to receive more information on how you can make a bequest to Greenpeace, please contact +852 2854 8318 for the service hotline, or email to [email protected]

If your question has not ben answerd above, for further information about Greenpeace and our environmental protection work, please click here for general FAQ.

Q6. Do we get the donation reciept?

Annual Receipt – We will send you one of these for tax deduction purposes every April. Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-exempted.

Q7. I still can’t find the answer, what should I do?

Our donor services representative will be happy to answer any enquiries that you have by phone +852 2854 8318 or email to [email protected]

For general or campaign enquiries, please feel free to send us an email to [email protected]