We have recently received a number of complaints from individuals who have been scammed on social media by an account impersonating “Stichting Greenpeace Council” (SGC) and our brand name “Greenpeace MENA”. These reports detail a recruitment process targeting individuals in the MENA region asking them to join a “telegram group” for job opportunities, or engage in specific social media posting activities in exchange for future payment, or download an application through a provided link, or support the organization financially in a new venture- the launch of a new office in Egypt.

On that, we would like to clarify the following essential points:

-We are NOT currently asking our supporters to download applications.

-We DO NOT ask our supporters to share non- Greenpeace links to join our volunteering efforts or our team. The only legitimate method to join our team in the MENA region is through this link and to volunteer through this link. Greenpeace MENA exclusively displays all legitimate volunteering and staffing opportunities on their official website, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

– We DO NOT pay our supporters to post anything on their social media.

– We DO NOT have a Staff Telegram group.

 –  Greenpeace MENA ‘s official social media channels on Instagram and Facebook are verified with a blue tick, confirming their authenticity.

If you have encountered any suspicious recruitment offers or activities claiming to be affiliated with “Greenpeace MENA” or “Stichting Greenpeace Council (SGC)”, please do not respond to it, do not provide with any personal or financial information and report these activities immediately through WhatsApp or email us on [email protected].

We are treating these reports with the utmost seriousness and we are actively addressing this issue to safeguard our community and prevent others from falling victim to similar fraudulent recruitment attempts.

By staying informed, verifying official channels, and reporting suspicious activity, we can collectively shield our community and uphold our shared values.

“Greenpeace MENA” remains committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our activities.

*Not an official document. For information only.