Waste incineration plant

Greenpeace MENA condemn the decision of the Council of Ministers to adopt the Ministry of Environment waste roadmap.

Reacting to this decision, Julien Jreissati Campaigner at Greenpeace MENA said: “This roadmap will decide the Lebanese people’s fate for the next 30 years as it locks in 3 incinerators that could potentially be a source of disaster for the country”. “Waste incineration is simply incompatible with the Lebanese context and potentially dangerous due to the country’s economic situation, poor governance records and waste mix”, continued Jreissati.

“We demand the government to reconsider their decision and adopt instead a waste management plan centered around the concept of circular economy that focuses primarily on minimizing the quantity of waste we dispose of through reducing, reusing and recycling instead of feeding them to an incinerator that will keep asking for more and will convert municipal waste to toxic ashes that we cannot treat!” concluded Jreissati.

>>Sign the petition of the waste management coalition to stop incinerators in Lebanon<<