Our region has the potential to become a world leader at the forefront of the move toward a Global Green Economy. We enjoy a privileged position geographically within the solar belt, and our populations are some of the youngest and most dynamic in the world.

That is why Greenpeace MENA is working to bring people’s ‘hearts, minds and feet’ in unison to face these challenges, to move towards a world based on renewable energy, away from fossil fuels, promote sustainability, and lead the transformation to a green and just future.
At Greenpeace MENA, we work hand in hand with local impacted communities, mobilize and inspire youth in the region, and campaign to bring about change and call for the implementation of sustainable solutions to existing environmental and social problems.

This is possible through major gifts and donations made by our supporters — individuals and grant-giving independent foundations. A major gift is a substantial sum donated through the assistance and guidance of our Major Gifts Officer. When you contribute with a gift, you are entrusting Greenpeace with your money to help us address the environmental crises and mobilize the environmental justice movement in the region. Thanks to our supporters, we are capable of leading our crucial work and campaigns. Thanks to you, change is possible.

Start your journey with us

If you are considering supporting us with a major gift, our Major Gifts Officer,Rawan Badarneh, is more than happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions and comments you have. Dedicated members of our team will be with you along the way, responding to your requests, comments, and questions. Contact our Major Gifts Officer at [email protected] to begin your journey.

“We are honoured to rely on donations from generous individuals to carry out our work to make impact possible. The world needs us, and the present, as well as the future, is in our hands.”

Rawan Badarneh
Major Gifts Officer