Reacting to the announcement that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates will be the next hosts of the 27th and 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) respectively, Ghiwa Nakat, executive director of Greenpeace MENA, said: 

“This is exciting news for the region. We congratulate both countries in stepping up to host these crucial talks to protect the future of our planet. As COP hosts we call upon Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, who are known for their pioneering contribution in leading change in our region, to use their important presidency role to lead us closer to a future free of fossil fuels and drive real climate ambition.” 

Nakat concluded: “The Middle East is one of the regions most vulnerable to the climate crisis and one of the richest in fossil fuel reserves. So it’s fitting for these COPs to be pivotal moments in the global solidarity to adapt to and fight the climate emergency that further solidifies a transition to a clean energy future.”

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