Protect the planet together

Whatever taking action looks like to you – from signing a petition, to downloading a toolkit or attending a peaceful protest – together they’re all a vital part of creating the green and peaceful future we all need.

Smart Power Launch in Bangkok. © Athit Perawongmetha / Greenpeace

Things you can do

Make Something Day in Eberswalde. © Anne Barth / Greenpeace

Volunteer with Greenpeace

Greenpeace volunteers are involved in many different types of activities: from stuffing envelopes to researching and organising demonstrations; from public speaking about Greenpeace campaigns to building beautiful ‘artivism’ installations or kayaking or climbing in a non violent direct action.

There are many opportunities to volunteer in a way and for the campaign you are most passionate about.  

Make a donation

Southeast Asia is a unique and precious environment that we’re lucky to call home. But, our home is under threat.

Greenpeace is 100% funded by our supporters. We need money to pay for our campaigns, our ships, and our actions. To protect our independence we won’t take money from companies or governments, so we depend on you for everything we do. Please support us today.

Cycling To Songkhla. © Greenpeace / Vinai Dithajohn
World Bicycle Day in Jakarta. © Jurnasyanto Sukarno / Greenpeace

Living green guides

Are you ready to make a positive impact on our planet, starting with your everyday actions?

Our Living Green Guides offer practical tips and inspiring strategies to help you live greener and spark meaningful change. Whether you’re taking small steps or big leaps, every action counts towards creating a greener, fairer, and more peaceful future.

You can also help us by sharing the resources with your friends and family to raise awareness and multiply our impact.

Bring change home with Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Connect with Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s social media channels for the latest updates on our environmental campaigns. Commenting and sharing our content and creating your own and attaching our hashtags to inspire others to join the movement. Let’s get creative and ignite change together!

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