2018 Greenpeace Southeast Asia Annual Report

Our supporters 

We believe in the collective power of people. The future of the environment rests with the millions of people around the world who share our beliefs. Together we can tackle environmental problems and promote solutions.

The new era

From forest fires to disappearing species and displaced communities; the greed of palm oil companies has played a major role in deforestation, and it needs to stop now. We also want an end to the fossil fuel age in favour of a world powered by clean, safe, renewable energy. The new energy revolution is already underway & we embrace it as one of our main missions.

Ship Tour 

The Rainbow Warrior has come a long way since her very first voyage in 1978, as part of an anti-whaling campaign off the coast of Iceland, but her message remains one that champions a better future for all. In Thailand, the ship helped call attention to renewable energy; in Indonesia, she highlighted the need for better forest protection; in Malaysia, she hosted a public forum on plastics; and the campaign for Climate Justice was the focus in Singapore and the Philippines.

Together we can shift mindsets 

To change behaviour and mindsets, we need to reach and engage new people to think differently and keep those who take action with us engaged for as long as possible. By listening to people, being creative about how to reach them and connecting to their narratives, we create meaningful opportunities which will create impacts to the system.

Financial Report

Greenpeace is the only global environmental charity organisation that does not accept funds from corporations or governments. Thanks to our donors, our financial independence that’s enable us to campaign for a greener future by investigating, documenting and lobbying for the protection of our forests, climate, oceans, freshwater and food.


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