It’s been almost two months since we surpassed our crowdfunding target for the solar streetlights that will be installed at the Diepsloot Philile Creche. A lot has been happening in those two months, including the delivery of the solar streetlights by our supplier, Schneider Electric.

We’ve kept in touch with the creche during this time, even reaching out to Jennifer Coles, the CEO of the Philile Foundation to celebrate Women’s month in South Africa.

We recently appointed Borena Energy to commence with the actual installation of the mounting poles and the solar powered streetlights themselves. We can proudly report that the installation was successfully completed on 5 September 2017, and on that very evening the lights came on for the first time.

This is how it all happened:

On August 24th we arrived at Schneider Electric’s Boksburg warehouse where they store and distribute solar-powered products. At the warehouse we were given a tour of the place, giving us more insight as to what to expect during the installation of the streetlights. Check out the photo update below! 

Patrick at Schneider Electric

Patrick from Greenpeace arrives at Schneider Electric’s warehouse in Boksburg to meet the team responsible for distributing the solar powered streetlights. 

Patrick getting safety instructions

After safety instructions from the fire marshall, we’re given safety vests before heading into the storage space where the company stores its products. 

Solar lights

Our solar streetlights being taken off the shelves and brought forward for packaging  and delivery. 

Solar lights getting packaged

The solar streetlights being sealed so that they are ready for their long drive home to the Diepsloot Philile Creche.

Solar light off to delivery truck

The solar powered streetlights being carted off to the delivery truck.

Solar light getting loaded

The solar streetlights are safely put in the delivery vehicle.

Solar lights arriving

The solar streetlights finally arrive at their destination - the Diepsloot Philile Creche. Nhlanhla, Melusi and other volunteers starting to offload the lights.


The lights are carried into the creche grounds to some excited teachers and children who’ve been anticipating their arrival.

Group photo

Now that the lights and the mounting poles have both been delivered, all that’s left is the installation itself, scheduled for 4 - 5 September.

Look out for our next update as we get ready for the official inauguration on September 9th.