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The Rainbow Warrior’s shocking exposure of illegal fishing on the Pacific high seas

Blog entry by Yen Ning | 2015-09-17

On Wednesday 9 September, on the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean, not far from Papua New Guinean water, I and an international crew of Greenpeace campaigners aboard the Rainbow Warrior made contact with a small Taiwanese tuna...

Taking the Law Lightly: possible illegal construction of coal chemical plants in...

Blog entry by Li Yan | 2015-09-16

With its dusty Loess plateau, vast stretches of desert and bone-dry plains, China’s northwest is a harsh and arid environment. And as desertification makes its force felt and economic development and urbanisation spread, pressure on...

Greenpeace’s assessment and expectations for the 2022 Winter Olympics environmental...

Publication | 2015-09-15 at 12:29

Greenpeace’s assessment and expectations for the 2022 Winter Olympics environmental commitment

Nature lovers say NO to PFCs

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-09-12

Today, 250 nature lovers and green activists used their bodies to say NO to PFCs in West Beijing's beautiful Mentougou Water Spirit Village.   They gathered today on an important mission: to clear up the mountain that they love.

Friday top five: the environmental stories lighting up China this week

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-09-11

Friday round-up highlighting the news and commentary of the week:   China to investigate illegal domestic GMO crops   [Reuters] China is launching an investigation into illegal cultivation of GMO crops, the Ministry of...

Paradise Lost? Hazardous chemicals have reached the furthest corners of our planet

Blog entry by Tingting Deng | 2015-09-10

In June, we set out on a mission : to find out if the stunning nature that we love is as unspoiled as it appears. Eight teams of Greenpeace volunteers headed expeditions across three continents to the most remote and pristine...

Greenpeace discovers hazardous chemicals in remote mountain areas on three continents

Press release | 2015-09-08 at 16:33

Zurich, 8 August 2015 – Persistent and Hazardous chemicals used in the production of outdoor gear have left their mark in even the most remote and seemingly untouched places on Earth, a Greenpeace Germany report released today has found.

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