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GPEA’s discovery of illegal GE corn in the corn supply chain in north east China

Publication | 2016-01-06 at 13:31

From May to December 2015, Greenpeace East Asia (GPEA) carried out an investigation into corn production in Liaoning province, one of China’s major corn production areas. The investigation discovered that large quantities of GE corn are being...

China's 5 biggest environmental stories of 2015

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-12-31

2015 saw China transform its position on the world stage and leap through several environmental milestones while continuing to battle disasters and severe pollution problems.  Here are five of the biggest environmental stories from...

After Tianjin, families struggle to piece their lives back together

Blog entry by Qian Cheng | 2015-12-24

Just before midnight on August 12 2015, two blasts ripped through the Binhai New Area port of Tianjin. The blasts were so powerful that they could be seen from space and terrifying footage of the explosions was circulated...

Friday Five: Beijing battens down for its second red alert pollution, and more

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-12-18

China smog: Beijing issues second ever pollution red alert [BBC] Beijing's’ brief respite from the smog is at an end as high forecast levels of pollution have brought on the second ever Red Alert since the system began in 2013...

Recent wave of enforcement could be vanishing vaquita’s saving grace

Blog entry by Alexandra Andersson | 2015-12-18

This month sees three significant actions to tackle Hong Kong’s underground totoaba trade – the force that’s driving vaquitas to extinction This month is ‘make or break’ for the world’s 57 remaining vaquitas.  Despite dire...

Greenpeace urges Hong Kong to join ‘Buy Nothing Day’ and stop over-consumption

Press release | 2015-12-17 at 16:50

Hong Kong, 27 November 2015 ¬– Greenpeace marked today’s international Buy Nothing Day by highlighting Hong Kong’s wastefulness: last year the region discarded 110,000 tonnes of textiles, equivalent to about 1,400 T-Shirts every minute – an...

Friday Five: Red Alert and good(ish) news for elephants

Blog entry by Tom Baxter | 2015-12-11

Friday round up featuring environmental news and commentary of the week China's rooftops hold power to propel solar into the mass market [Reuters] Arrival of new third-party financing models could help China’s urban rooftop...

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