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Friday Five: Mekong under threat and Hebei's smog struggle

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-02-19

Friday news round up highlighting the environmental news and commentary of the week.  Requiem for a River [Economist] This interactive long-read article follows the journey of the Mekong from its source in Southwest...

Year in, year out, let there be fish

Blog entry by Yang Yi | 2016-02-06

China’s rampant overfishing is threatening its most ancient traditions. That might seem like a bizarre blog title. But to any Chinese speaker it would make perfect sense. The word for fish is a homonym (two words which sound...

China releases Tianjin report, but questions are left unanswered

Blog entry by Cheng Qian | 2016-02-06

Just two days before the lunar new year, China’s largest holiday, the Chinese government finally released its investigative report into the causes of the Tianjin blasts which rocked the Binhai port district of Tianjin in August last...

Greenpeace reaction to the State Council investigation report on the Tianjin Blasts

Press release | 2016-02-06 at 15:10

Beijing, February 6, 2016 - Following the release of the official Tianjin blast investigation report, Greenpeace urges the government to systematically review and reform the chemicals management system in China.

Friday Five: China’s Golden Monkey in peril and China’s wind energy hits new record!

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-02-05

Friday Five highlighting environmental news and commentary for the week State owned company ChemChina poised to take over Syngenta, the world’s third largest agri-tech company [ WSJ] On Wednesday it was announced that...

ChinaChem to takeover Syngenta - Greenpeace statement

Press release | 2016-02-04 at 15:42

Beijing, 4 February 2016 - On the announcement of ChemChina to takeover the pesticide and seed company Syngenta, Philippe Schenkel, Ecological Farming Campaigner at Greenpeace Switzerland, said:

Friday Five: Factory Leak in Shandong and Smog-free cinemas

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-01-29

Smog-free cinemas: In China, movie theaters push purified air as new amenity [LA Times] In a country where fresh air can be purchased by the can and restaurants charge a clean air fee, it’s unsurprising that movie...

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