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Beijing Organic Guide 2008

Feature Story | 2008-06-30 at 6:00

Ever wonder where you can get organic food in Beijing? Greenpeace's Beijing Organic Guide 2008 will help you locate the nearest source for your organic grocery shopping.

Observer's blog

Blog entry by Benjamin Moy | 2008-06-20

At this moment, our activists are preparing to board the container vessel. I will try to report to you everything that is going on. I hope that you will join us in our campaign against the illegal dumping of electronic waste by ...

Activists' blog

Blog entry by Benjamin Moy | 2008-06-20

5:45pm Edward: We board the ship. As our activist climbs atop the container of e-waste, I speak with the captain of the ship who says he is willing to cooperate. It is a good beginning. 6:10pm Edward: I am phoning...

Outrage: Greenpeace whale meat scandal whistleblowers arrested in Japan

Feature Story | 2008-06-20 at 6:00

Japanese police have arrested two Greenpeace activists for exposing a whale meat scandal involving the government-sponsored whaling programme. The two activists, Junichi Sato, 31, and Toru Suzuki, 41, are being investigated for allegedly stealing...

Move Away from Coal to Protect China’s Children

Feature Story | 2008-06-15 at 6:00

With the help of 71 primary school children from Beijing Fangcaodi Primary School, Greenpeace today highlighted the role of coal in worsening air pollution and climate change in China.

Activists' Introduction

Blog entry by Kevin Li | 2008-06-14 1 comment

Smitha I come from India. We caught a coal shipment as she was leaving after dumping thermal coal at Ennore, and labelled it with save the climate and cut coal messages as it made its way out of the port. Being an Indian, I...

Illegal e-waste exposed

Feature Story | 2008-06-14 at 6:00

A container of electronic waste (e-waste) from the port of Oakland in the United States was intercepted in Hong Kong by Greenpeace activists. After months of research, we determined that the container was destined for Sanshui district in mainland...

Voice out for Mandatory labelling on GE food

Feature Story | 2008-06-12 at 10:42

Consumers have just won the battle in nutrition labelling legislation. But the fight for consumer's right to know has yet to finish. On 8th July, Hong Kong's Legislative Council will hold a committee meeting on Food Safety and Environmental...

"Sense and Simplicity" - or simply nonsense?

Feature Story | 2008-06-11 at 10:54

“Sense and Simplicity” became the slogan of the Dutch electronics giant, Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV – better known as Philips – in 2004. But when it comes to taking responsibility for the electronic waste (e-waste) generated by their...


Blog entry by Benjamin Moy | 2008-06-06

Cai Yuanqing : Although on May 12 I felt little more than the slight sway of the chair under my butt, the Sichuan earthquake has shocked me to my very core. You can imagine the awe I felt, as a young man who has no real experience of...

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