Africa is calling for a Global Plastic Treaty. Will the world listen?

July 2021

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), considers pollution as one of three threats our planet is facing, along with the climate crisis and the loss of nature. Among all sources…

Dolphins and turtles carcasses on Senegal’s shoreline: a prelude to the horrors of BP’s project in West Africa

July 2021

in the past week, dozens of dolphin and turtle carcasses were found in North Senegal, along the shores of Saint Louis. The deaths of marine wildlife come as oil giant…

Hapag Lloyd is desperate to make West Africa its garbage dump; after Senegal, now Mauritania

May 2021

 After German shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd was caught in the act of fraud by Senegalese customs, it has since been spotted docked in neighbouring Mauritania. Greenpeace fears that the vessel might…

Greenpeace Africa reacts to attempts to turn Senegal into a plastic waste dump

May 2021

German shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd has been caught in the act of fraud by Senegalese Customs. According to Liberation, the fifth largest ship owner in the world was fraudulently trying to…

Karpowership deal reeks of state capture

May 2021

The Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (DEMR) announced Karpowership as one of the eight preferred bidders for the procurement of emergency electricity for bid-window five. Karpowership, a Turkish Karadeniz…

The polluted lakes of Kenya

April 2021

Water, a source of life, is slowly becoming the source of multiple illnesses and death in Kenya. This has been attributed to the excessive pollution of natural water resources such…

A good day for people and for the ocean:” Greenpeace lauds Gambia’s government for stopping the expansion of major fishmeal and fish oil plant

April 2021

Greenpeace Africa welcomes the Gambian government's decision, which comes only days after Greenpeace Africa and Gambian environmental activists have condemned the expansion of the Golden Lead factory. Such plants are…

Greenpeace condemns massive plundering of Mauritanian fish stocks vital to food security

March 2021

The second largest fishing vessel in the world with a bad track record for chronic overfishing has been spotted fishing in Mauritanian waters

World’s first underwater climate strike calls for ocean protection

March 2021

Seychelles, 19 March 2021 – Young Mauritian scientist and climate advocate, Shaama Sandooyea, has held the world’s first ever underwater climate strike at the heart of the Indian Ocean. The…

Climate change and overfishing - an explosive cocktail in West Africa

January 2021

Torn between the advancement of desertification and drought on the one hand and floods, sea level increases and coastal erosion on the other, the West African region, which has 340…

When despair wins and disaster takes over off the coast of Senegal and Europe

November 2020

On this World Fisheries Day, fishing communities all along the coastline of Senegal are paying tribute to colleagues and friends who are losing their lives at sea in attempts to…

Europe wants Senegal's fish but rejects its migrants

November 2020

There are nearly 500 dead, and thousands of survivors on the high seas are young Senegalese who, at the risk of their lives, have been trying to reach Europe in…

Mauritius after three months: 10 unanswered questions following the oil spill

November 2020

On August 6, Mauritius local time, the MV Wakashio began to leak it's heavy fuel oil offshore of Pointe d'Esny, south of Mauritius, two weeks after the Japanese bulk carrier…

Greenpeace Africa to Senegal's Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy: Finding legal loopholes to grant vessel licences is inherently unethical

October 2020

The Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy of Senegal issued apress release on 12 October 2020 and rejected the key findings in Greenpeace Africa's report "Seasick: as COVID-19 locks down…

Multinational fishing industries plunder West Africa’s ocean as artisanal sector is locked out by COVID-19

October 2020

a new Greenpeace report, exposes how the same governments have kept enabling systematic plunder of the oceans by foreign fishing vessels and the Fishmeal and Fish Oil (FMFO) industry.

Op-ed | Small-scale fishers’ heritage is systemically gutted

September 2020

When I first visited here in my youth, the market was as vibrant as the boats docked along its piers, banter and laughter were a distraction from the fishy stench…

Greenpeace Reacts to Reports of Oil in Pregnant Whale Carcass in Mauritius

September 2020

Last weekend Mauritian media reported that a Forensic Science Laboratory had discovered traces of oil (hydrocarbons) during an autopsy of a pregnant melon-headed whale carcass, conducted to determine the cause…

An interview with the directors of GUTTED: A documentary on the harmful impacts of industrial fishing on Cape Town’s communities

September 2020

We sat down with Angelo Louw (AL), Greenpeace Africa’s Digital Mobilisation Officer and Plastics Lead, and filmmaker Malcolm Rainers (MR) to talk about their process and passion to make sure…

Looming threat of second oil spill in Mauritius: Greenpeace calls for transparency

September 2020

On August 31, around 19.30 Mauritius local time, a barge carrying oil from the stricken Japanese iron-ore vessel The Wakashio collided with a tug boat pulling it.

Greenpeace Africa response to Mauritius oil spill

August 2020

Johannesburg, South Africa, 7 August, 2020. Greenpeace Africa responds to reports about the MV Wakashio bulk carrier leaking tonnes of diesel and bunker fuel into the Indian Ocean.

Plastic pollution is making our seals suffer!

July 2020

Marine plastic debris is one of the most pressing environmental concerns facing the world today. From microplastic ingestion to bioaccumulation of toxins and endocrine system disruption in humans – these…

We don’t need more fishing licences - we need help to fight COVID19!

May 2020

There’s been outrage in recent weeks over news that the Senegalese government will start a process which could lead to the issuing of 54 new licenses to destructive, industrial fishing…

The climate crisis is an ocean crisis – Greenpeace report calls for urgent global political response to ocean breakdown

December 2019

Madrid, 4 December 2019 – The impact of the climate crisis on our oceans has far-reaching implications for biodiversity and humankind, requiring an urgent global political response in the next…

World Fisheries Day or Worst Fisheries Day?

November 2019

As the world is celebrating the “World Fisheries Day” today, it is the right time to further reflect on the state of the fisheries which deserve mourning rather than celebration…

Heartfelt outcry from female fish processors on the morning of World Fisheries Day

November 2019

“What are we going to do if we can’t process fish? How will we take care of our families and our children’s education?”

10 key facts about the Southern Right whale and why it's important to protect their habitat

November 2019

Whales are very important for the oceans. It could be said that they are “ecosystem engineers” because they help, in various ways, to keep life at sea healthy by redistributing…

Hope for the oceans: Greenpeace divers discover ocean paradise off the coast of Cape Town

November 2019

Cape Town, 12 November 2019 – A team of Greenpeace activists, divers and scientists onboard Greenpeace’s iconic Arctic Sunrise discovered a biodiversity haven on the Vema Seamount, 1 000km off…

Ghost gear: the abandoned fishing nets haunting our oceans

November 2019

Our new report Ghost gear: the abandoned fishing nets haunting our oceans takes a look at lost and abandoned fishing gear that keeps impacting our ocean’s marine life,  even after…

Greenpeace exposes destructive fishing vessels in the South Atlantic

November 2019

Montevideo, Uruguay, 31 October 2019 — Greenpeace Andino activists protested today against the lack of regulation for the fishing industry in the South Atlantic by displaying a 25 meter-long banner…

There are enormous mountains under the sea. Here are five things you need to know.

October 2019

1/ Seamounts were once volcanoes Seamounts are large submarine volcanic mountains, formed through volcanic activity and submerged under the ocean. Though they were once seen as nothing more than a…

It's a monster, a plastic monster!

September 2019

A shoal of surreal, plastic-pollution monsters seized Nelson Mandela University (NMU) campus on 28 August. The anti-plastic-pollution performance was born out of a desire to raise awareness about the plastic…

New IPCC report shows critical need for accelerated climate action and oceans protection

September 2019

Monaco, 25 September, 2019 – The launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report on the Ocean and Cryosphere today, highlights the need for governments to urgently…

Greenpeace Africa Documentary Shines Light on the Stolen Heritage of Western Cape Fishing Communities

September 2019

Cape Town, 24 September 2019. This Heritage Day, Greenpeace Africa shared a teaser for an upcoming documentary it produced to amplify the voices of small-scale fishers in the Western Cape.…

Arctic Sunrise set to liven up the ocean around Cape Town. 19, 20 October - V&A Waterfront

September 2019

Something big is coming… all the way from the Arctic to the blue shores of South Africa. An adventure from the north pole to the south pole – a quest…

Greenpeace Africa calls on African states to work towards an ambitious global treaty for the oceans

September 2019

Dakar, September 11th, 2019 – Today, Greenpeace urged African governments to work towards a strong global treaty for the oceans that could help protect at least 30% of the high…

It could be our last chance to protect the Amazon Reef region

September 2019

The Amazon Reef region is a vital, diverse and beautiful area between Brazil and French Guiana. A place where the impossible becomes a reality: a reef that grows at up…

Scientists sound alarm about “destructive” deep sea mining as Greenpeace demands government action

July 2019

Kingston, Jamaica, 23 July 2019 – Marine scientists from around the world have issued a stark warning about the emerging industry of deep sea mining, stating that its development “puts…

Deep sea mining is not the future

July 2019

If you were planning to send monster machines down to a deep ocean habitat that’s full of creatures found nowhere else on Earth, you’d need a pretty good story to…

Why West African Coastal countries should phase out fishmeal/fish oil

July 2019

It’s incredible to realize how a simple conversation with a person could change your life’s perspectives. I had a very intense chat with a woman processor of Bargny, in Senegal.…

New Greenpeace report warns of ‘irreversible harm’ from deep sea mining

July 2019

The world’s oceans could face severe and irreversible harm unless tighter environmental safeguards are put in place to protect them from the risks of deep sea mining, warns a new…

Greenpeace: moratorium can help stop senseless whale deaths

June 2019

28 June 2019, Johannesburg: Responding to news that a second humpback whale has died off the coast of False Bay from being entangled in octopus fishery nets, Melita Steele, Senior…

Greenpeace: Fishmeal industry stealing regional food and livelihoods in West Africa

June 2019

Dakar, 19 June 2019 — Greenpeace is calling on West African governments to immediately phase out the wasteful fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) industry, to stop the threat to regional…

Department of Environmental Affairs boldly dips a toe into environmental protection

May 2019

Johannesburg, 24 May 2019 — The Department of Environmental Affairs has announced that twenty protected marine areas have been established in South Africa. They have also announced that the unlawfully…

World's most northern ice concert performed in support of Ocean Sanctuaries

May 2019

Tempelfjorden, Norway, 15 May 2019 – Greenpeace has partnered with a group of musicians to record an ice concert in the far north of the Arctic. They played a piece…

Standing strong through the storm

March 2019

Johannesburg, 18 March 2019 — Death tolls in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe continue to rise after Idai made landfall in Mozambique on Thursday. As news of tragedy spreads in the…

A world that is safe and healthy with vibrant oceans is possible!

November 2018

A world that is safe and healthy with vibrant oceans, is possible. And that’s why we are campaigning to end the flow of plastic into our oceans, ensuring stricter measures…

Over 90% of sampled salt brands globally found to contain micro-plastics

October 2018

Dakar, Senegal, 18 October 2018 – Over 90% of sampled salt brands globally were found to contain microplastics, with the highest number coming from salt sourced in Asia, according to…

Loss of lives at sea: Greenpeace calls on the Senegalese Government to improve safety at sea for small-scale artisanal fishermen

October 2018

Dakar Senegal, 23/10/2018 – Greenpeace Africa has today, released a new documentary on the numerous cases of small-scale fishermen who have lost their lives in Senegalese waters. Over the past…

These 10 companies are flooding the planet with throwaway plastic

October 2018

Volunteers collected and catalogued more than 187,000 pieces of trash from beach cleanups around the world to find out who’s flooding our planet with plastic. The equivalent of one truckload…

30 Plastic Facts to Set the Record Straight

September 2018

There is no disputing the critical environmental situation resulting from our excessive and unnecessary use of plastic. There is currently enough plastic in the ocean to circle the Earth over…