Coca Cola Greenwashing Campaign a Threat to Kenya’s Plastic-Free Ambitions

June 2021

Nairobi, 30 June 2021: In response to Coca Cola marketing a PET (polyethylene terephthalate), plastic bottle for its Sprite soft drink brand as an solution to the country’s plastic crisis,…

#AfricaDay | The scramble to dump plastic is ‘waste colonialism’

May 2021

The continued exploitative relationship between countries in the global majority and their former colonisers erode the foundation of their liberty. There are many “forms and manifestations” in which colonialism still…

5 Reasons to Save the Okavango Delta

March 2021

Youth climate activists in the Namibian capital, along with several other environmental and human rights groups, reacted with international calls from all fronts to prevent the impending environmental catastrophe in…

Video: Greenpeace Plastic Lead exposes plastic plight of his community

March 2021

Award-winning activist and documentarian Angelo Louw welcomed the world to his childhood neighbourhood in an online video, where he spoke about the impact of plastic pollution and the critical role…

Urge the Namibian President to Save the Okavango Delta - Youth Climate Activists

March 2021

After months of protests and campaigning, youth climate activists in Namibia are urging the public to send an email to Namibian President H.E. Dr. Hage G. Geingob to save the…

Why is Fossil Capital incompatible with social justice?

February 2021

The world we live in has been built around an economic system that prioritises never ending growth over the welfare of people and planet. And fossil fuels are at the…

Greenpeace Africa calls for full disclosure around state spying

February 2021

Responding to a reading by Advocate Pretorius at today’s State Capture Enquiry.

Making room for Co-creation in 2021

February 2021

Global climate strike in Johannesburg, South Africa. Across the globe, millions of people have taken to the streets to demand action on climate.

Outbreaks of waterborne diseases due to cyclones

January 2021

Eloise is the third major cyclone to hit Southern Africa since 2019, causing displacement, destruction of homes, schools, crops and vital infrastructure in Mozambique, as well as Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Botswana

“Thoughts and prayers alone won’t suffice”: Greenpeace Africa calls for coordinated climate action following cyclone Eloise

January 2021

President Filipe Nyusi is set to embark on a trip to areas affected by Cyclone Eloise, as damages are being assessed in Mozambique and neighboring countries, after it struck three…

20 Things to take from 2020

December 2020

In many obvious ways, the past year is a period that would best be forgotten. A once-in-a-century pandemic that brought with it a high death toll and sickness, loneliness and…

When despair wins and disaster takes over off the coast of Senegal and Europe

November 2020

On this World Fisheries Day, fishing communities all along the coastline of Senegal are paying tribute to colleagues and friends who are losing their lives at sea in attempts to…

Europe wants Senegal's fish but rejects its migrants

November 2020

There are nearly 500 dead, and thousands of survivors on the high seas are young Senegalese who, at the risk of their lives, have been trying to reach Europe in…

As COVID-19 locks down West Africa, its waters remain open to plunder

October 2020

In the West African region and in Senegal in particular, the fishing sector has faced many difficulties in recent decades. The containment imposed by COVID-19 has been a godsend for…

What we learn about power from a decade of climate change

October 2020

Climate change affects all of us, although in different ways. Where do we find the power to tackle one of the planet's greatest existential threats? Not in policy, but in…

“All Senegalese feel the Burn" - Greenpeace Africa reacts to the tragedy between an industrial fishing vessel and an artisanal fishing pirogue in West Africa

September 2020

A clash between the industrial fishing vessel "Soleil 7” and an artisanal fishing pirogue from Mbour had caused injury to the invoked mariners and damaged the pirogue's equipment

Op-ed | Small-scale fishers’ heritage is systemically gutted

September 2020

When I first visited here in my youth, the market was as vibrant as the boats docked along its piers, banter and laughter were a distraction from the fishy stench…

5 influential voices spoke up for Kenya’s Plastic Ban - and you should too!

September 2020

Several of the world’s most influential voices took to social media when the news broke, expressing disgust at this attack on Africa’s plastic-free progress. Here’s what they had to say

An interview with the directors of GUTTED: A documentary on the harmful impacts of industrial fishing on Cape Town’s communities

September 2020

We sat down with Angelo Louw (AL), Greenpeace Africa’s Digital Mobilisation Officer and Plastics Lead, and filmmaker Malcolm Rainers (MR) to talk about their process and passion to make sure…