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Good news! We shut down illegal mining in China's Intact Forest Landscapes

Blog entry by Kang Lin | 2016-12-22

Back in July, we revealed rampant illegal mining in one of China’s few remaining Intact Forest Landscapes. Now, the mines have been shut down and new protections put in place.   Image credit: Birding Beijing/Terry Townshend...

460 million people in China are choking on dirty air

Blog entry by Zhang Kai | 2016-12-20

460 million people in China are currently choking under a cloud of smog larger than North America. China needs to speed up its renewables revolution! North China...has looked better. Tis the season to be smoggy..

Smog engulfs area home to 460 million citizens as Northern China sees worst air...

Press release | 2016-12-20 at 9:52

Beijing, 20 December 2016 - Northern China’s 23-city air pollution red alert has become the most serious air pollution episode of the year, affecting a population equivalent to that of the US, Canada and Mexico combined. Approximately 200 million...

Red alert: What's happening with Beijing's air pollution?

Blog entry by Zhang Kai | 2016-12-16

As Beijingers wait to be engulfed by a slow-moving cloud of smog, data shows that air pollution progress is stalling. Beijing is about to enter its 3rd ever pollution red alert , almost exactly a year to the day after the...

Beijing’s first air pollution red alert of 2016, coal burning the culprit - Greenpeace

Press release | 2016-12-16 at 17:12

Beijing, 16 December, 2016 - A Greenpeace East Asia analysis of air pollution statistics identifies industrial coal burning in Beijing’s surrounding provinces as the primary source of the pollution which has triggered the red alert measures for...

Samsung, it’s time to share your plan for 4.3 million recalled #GalaxyNote7

Blog entry by Robin Perkins | 2016-12-06

It's been over a month since Samsung announced the recall of its Galaxy Note 7 and , although we have had some progress, Samsung has still not announced what it is planning to do with 4.3 million phones! Samsung has a big...

Friday Five: the fight for Poyang lake and is China digging more coal?

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-12-02

China's bumpy energy transition hit the headlines this week as the government eases curbs on production, China's conservationists fight to protect one of the last habitats of the Yangtze finless porpoise and a new project hopes to...

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