Seoul, January 5, 2022 – Samsung has issued a sustainability-oriented keynote address at the tech conference CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Response from Daul Jang, Greenpeace East Asia Government Relations & Advocacy Specialist, based in Seoul:

“Samsung’s sustainability-branded keynote address at CES was shocking in its omission of key facts. Unlike some of its rivals, Samsung has not committed to 100% renewable energy worldwide. The company continues to rely heavily on coal and other fossil fuels in its operations, including in Korea and Vietnam.

If Samsung truly wants to ‘put sustainability at the heart of everything’ it does, it needs to create a production system that relies on 100% renewable energy, not a tiny TV remote control with a solar panel on it. Until then, Samsung should stop misleading the public with slogans like ‘going green’ and ‘everyday sustainability.’ We need to see a transition to renewable energy sources, not more greenwashing.”

Samsung Electronics received a D in Greenpeace East Asia’s most recent tech ranking, behind Tencent, LG Electronics and Sony.

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