HONG KONG – Luxshare Precision, a key supplier of Apple and Microsoft, has announced that it will achieve 50% clean energy by 2025.

Response from Greenpeace East Asia climate and energy campaigner Xueying Wu:

“Luxshare’s 2025 commitment is an important step in the right direction, and it’s exciting to see a major tech supplier in China set a short-term target for emissions reduction. We hope that Luxshare and its peers can set a deadline to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030 through high impact sourcing methods, such as Power Purchase Agreements, onsite generation and investment in renewable energy capacity. We’re witnessing increasingly devastating impacts of climate change, from flooding to water shortages to wildfires, and now is the time to work toward 100% renewable energy within this decade.”

In late April, Greenpeace East Asia released a report that tracked electricity consumption and emissions from semiconductor manufacturers, including Luxshare Precision.

In October 2022, Greenpeace East Asia released a scorecard evaluating climate action from semiconductor manufacturers, display manufacturers, and final assembly companies across East Asia. Luxshare Precision received a D+ due to its lack of 100% renewable energy target for 2030 and absence of Scope 3 carbon neutrality commitments. 

As of 2022, Luxshare Precision’s renewable energy ratio was approximately 23%. Luxshare Precision’s 2022 sustainability report points to onsite generation, green electricity trading, renewable energy certificates (RECs), and investment in green energy funds as methods to achieve this target. In 2022, Luxshare Precision obtained 47% of its renewable energy by purchasing RECs, one of the least impactful procurement methods as it adds no direct additionality to the grid. 

“Luxshare Precision needs to prioritize sourcing renewable energy through PPAs, which drive forward the energy transition. By contrast, the purchase of RECs does not directly add new capacity to the grid,” said Wu. 

Luxshare Precision’s reported renewable energy procurement methods (2022): 

Procurement MethodTotal Capacity (MWh)Total (MWh)
Self-generation through rooftop solar installment41,021.89640,594.86 
Renewable Energy Certificates301,490
Power Purchase Agreements271,619
Investment in green funds26,463.96 

While Luxshare Precision’s commitment is unique among major electronics manufacturers in East Asia, other Chinese tech companies have committed to 100% renewable energy by 2030, including Tencent, GDS, and Chindata. 

CompanyElectricity Consumption (MWh)Renewable Energy RatioCommitment
Luxshare Precision2,705,689.25 (2022)23.6% (2022)50% clean energy by 2025 
Tencent4,638,840.1 (2022)7.2% (2022)100% renewable energy by 2030 
GDS4,158,000 (2021)34% (2021)100% renewable energy by 2030 
Chindata Group 1,796,450 (2021)10.75% (2021)100% renewable energy by 2030 


Media Contacts:

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Xueying Wu, Climate and Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace East Asia, Beijing,   [email protected]