March 6, 2024 – Greenpeace MENA expresses its deepest concern regarding the numerous fraudulent activities falsely linked with its organization in Egypt. A fake platform has recently exploited Greenpeace’s name to deceive various Egyptian individuals into engaging in both online and offline activities, promising financial rewards in return. In response to this, Greenpeace MENA released this official statement urging caution against involvement in these deceptive actions. Neither Greenpeace MENA nor any other Greenpeace office around the world maintains any affiliation with these fraudulent associations in any capacity. The organization has also addressed the issue on its official website and social media pages with a full explanation and has taken legal action to cease their activities through appropriate local channels, including legal avenues and competent fora.

These fraudulent activities include tactics such as misleading social media campaigns and the creation of illegitimate Telegram groups. Furthermore, they have initiated on-ground activities.

Greenpeace MENA clarifies that these activities are not associated with its brand name and should be reported. 

For the protection of the Egyptian community, Greenpeace MENA urges individuals to adhere to the following:

–          No Application Downloads: Greenpeace MENA does not currently ask supporters to download applications.

–          Official Joining Procedures: Volunteering and staffing opportunities with Greenpeace MENA are exclusively advertised on our official website.

–          No Payment for Social Media Engagement: Greenpeace MENA does not financially compensate supporters for social media posting and engagement.

–          Nonexistence of Staff Telegram Group: Greenpeace MENA does not have a staff Telegram group. Individuals should decline invitations to join or exist in such groups as they are illegitimate and should be reported.

–          No Organized Activities in Egypt: Greenpeace MENA currently does not organize any activities in Egypt. Any such activity will be announced exclusively through our official channels.

–          Verification of Social Media Channels: Greenpeace MENA’s official social media channels as Instagram and Facebook are verified with a blue tick, confirming their authenticity.

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About Greenpeace MENA:

Greenpeace MENA is a non profit completely independent – politically and financially organization. Established in 2018, we are one of the newest offices of the Greenpeace global network that consists of 27 independent national and regional organizations in over 55 countries as well as its co-ordinating body, Greenpeace International. The MENA region is our home. We work creatively and collaboratively to reduce the environmental, economic, and social impacts of climate disasters and push local and innovative solutions, empowering our communities to flourish and live in harmony with their environment.

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